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Easy-Core Coring System

Introduction | In Action | Nested Bowl Set


Oneway is pleased to announce the Easy-Core Bowl Coring System.

With the Easy Core Coring System you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Virtually no vibration. The knife in the Oneway Easy-Core rides on a curved toolrest that is moved progressively into the groove as coring progresses.
  • With the Easy Core, because the knife is totally restrained you can quickly and easily clear chips as often as required.
  • No catches! The cutter has a very negative nose and a slightly positive top preventing the tool from being pulled into the wood and eliminated the catches.
  • More bowls from the same blank than traditional coring systems.

With this coring system, amateur woodturners can now core bowls like a professional.

The Coring System in Action

Here the core has just been started. The support blade is inserted into the cut, and the knife is retracted.

Here is the finished core. The blade and knife are shown in position when the core was removed.

The Easy Core system has four knives and four curved toolrests (both pictured below), the largest giving (at most) an 18 inch core. Progressively smaller cores can be removed using all the knives. This system will fit any lathe with a flat bed, and a 16 inch swing up to a lathe with a 26 inch swing.

Please note that each knife will cut a size range of about 2 inches larger or smaller than the listed size. The curve of the knife is fixed but not the position it can be applied. 

Each knife is supplied with replaceable and sharpenable HSS CPM M4 cutter (as shown to the right). This is the same steel we use in our mastercut turning tools and will give excellent cutter life.

Nested Bowl Set


To view a set of nested bowls (cored from Maple Burl at the AAW Symposium) please click here.

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