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Product Details

Cutting > Scroll Saws

- No Longer available

Huge 16-inch x 23-1/2-inch Table provides more than enough support for your largest projects -- tilts to 45-degrees in both directions & locks with a single knob

1/8 hp, 115V Motor (free-standing model only) delivers infinitely variable speeds from 500 to 1450 strokes-per-minute at the turn of a dial (MARK V mounted units: 250 to 1,450 S.P.M.)

Parallel arm action moves blade forward on the down cut and back on the up cut to clear sawdust and prevent blade rocking for perfect 90-degree turns and corners. Upper arm covered for safety.

Heavy Zinc Alloy Base dampens vibrations for super-smooth running

Convenient dual blade tensioning controls with a back flip-release for primary tensioning during blade changes and a convenient up-front release for fast tensioning during piercing cuts

Clear, See-Through Upper Guard lets light in and flips up and out of your way for quick, tool-free blade changes

Fast, 30-second, tool-less blade changes -- a quick, quarter-turn of the blade locking thumb-nuts is all it takes

Hold-Down with Dust Blower offers built-in vertical blade guarding with a fast-acting, single knob height adjustment and a built-in Blower to keep your cutting line sawdust-free

Quick slap-off Safety Switch with removable key - No Longer available

Price - 0.00 CAD

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