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Product Details

Routing > Routing Systems

from Router Technologies

Key Benefits
  • Works with any router table or insert.
  • Becomes a permanent part of your router.
  • At 1/2 lb. installed adds no weight to the router.
  • The only system allowing height adjustments from the top or bottom of a plunge router without buying an insert.
  • Complete installation instructions with mounting hole templates included.
  • Kit comes complete with all the various parts to allow it to be installed on most common routers
  • Allows simple depth of cut adjustment from the top of the table when mounted in a table. The speed wrench is inserted through the manhole installed in the table and engages the drive recess to operate the height adjustment.
  • Adjustments work equally well when used hand held. The same adjuster points can also be used when the router is used handheld for quick and easy depth of cut adjustments.
  • All of the original plunge functions of your router are still available for handheld use.
  • ou can still use your turret depth of cut stops. No disabling of this function is required for installation.
  • Use your existing router table insert plate, no need to buy an additional plate.
Price - 115.99 CAD

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