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Lathe Accessories

Curved Toolrest | Multi-purpose Extension | Large Outboard
Long Bed Extension | 24" Mini Bed Extension | Remote Start/Stop
Optional Leg Heights | Spindle Adaptor | RFI Filter | Breaking Resistor  

Curved Toolrest

The latest addition to our lathe accessories is the curved toolrest. To make a nice curve on a bowl, the curve needs to be cut in one shot. On medium to large sized bowls, you need a curved toolrest to do this.

The Oneway curved toolrests are gently curved to help bowl turning from green turning (wet) to finish turning (dry). Manufactured from stainless steel, they will not rust.

Four curved toolrests are available as follows:


1" post

1" Post







To view the General-Purpose or Exterior toolrests, please click here.

Outboard Attachments

Most wood turners never use the outboard of their lathe because they would have to buy LH threaded attachments and learn to turn opposite to what they are accustomed to on the inboard side; and lets face it, most of us have enough problems learning to turn one way (no pun intended). ONEWAY solved this problem by threading the outboard spindle RH and providing a motor with reversing capabilities. Outboard attachments for ONEWAY Lathes make these lathes true bowl turning lathes, not light duty attachments.

Short Bed Extension & Outboard Attachment

Available is a 17" bed extension which may be bolted onto either end of all ONEWAY Large Lathes. At the inboard end, it extends maximum turning length by 17".

Used on the outboard end, it transforms your lathe into a full function short bed machine. Note: Inboard and outboard swing with this attachment is the same.

  • Multi-Purpose 17" Attachment Part No. 2455  

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Large Outboard Attachment

For big turning a large outboard attachment can be bolted to the outboard end of these lathes with 10 bolts. Turning capacity for ONEWAY 20" swing model machines is: up to 44" diameter bowls or platters and allows 36" turning over our patented big banjo.

Turning capacity for ONEWAY 24" swing model machines is: up to 48" diameter bowls or platters and allows 40" turning over the big banjo.

This beautifully designed outboard eliminates the need for often dangerous and wobbly floor stands. It can also be purchased to be used with other lathes, but in that case, it must be firmly bolted to a heavy concrete or sand filled box of adequate proportion.

  • Big Outboard Part No. 2513 

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Optional Extras for our Lathes:

Here is a list of optional extras for both our Large Lathes & Mini.

Long Bed Extension (Large Lathe)

A long bed extension is available which is 60 inches in length. The design of this extension is the same as the bed of the lathe itself. It is a 10-3/4" diameter * 5/16" wall tube, which is stress relieved and precision machined. Turning between centers with this extension effectively increases the capacity by 60". This extension bolts on to the end of the lathe with four bolts and comes with a leg. Weight is approximately 350 lbs.

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24" Mini Bed Extension (Mini Lathe)

There has been a lot of demand for an extension bed our 1018 Mini Lathe, so we made one. It is 24" in length, which when attached to the lathe allows you to turn 42" between centers. A common application for this extension is turning chair parts.

  • 1018 - 24" Mini Bed Extension Part No. M0140

  • 1224 - 24" Mini Extension Part No. M0221

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Remote Start / Stop

A remote START / STOP control is an available accessory. This option is especially convenient when turning outboard or on a large bed extension. It is wired into the control box and can be attached anywhere on the lathe with its magnetized control box. It is an option on all Oneway's lathes.

  • Remote START / STOP Part No. 2787 

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Optional Leg Heights  (Large Lathe)

Optional sets of legs are available so the height of the spindle from the floor can be customized. Standard legs make the spindle height of ONEWAY Lathes 46" off the ground. There are three other sets of legs which make the height of the spindle:

  • 20" Swing Models: 41", 42", 44", 46"
  • 24" Swing Models: 43", 44", 46", 48"

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Spindle Adaptor  (Large Lathe)

ONEWAY offers special adaptors to fit your existing tooling if required, for most standard machines. Currently available are: 1 - 8 tpi, 1-1/4 - 8 tpi, 1-1/2 - 6 tpi, 1-1/2 - 8 tpi.


RFI Filter

An RFI Filter installed in the lathe will help minimize the AM (and some television antennae reception) interference. It can be factory installed or customer installed as an after-market item.

  • RFI Filter Part No. 2748

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Breaking Resistor

A breaking resistor helps the lathe stop big pieces quickly. This is recommended for production turners, and people who start and stop the lathe frequently.

  • Breaking Resistor for 1 HP Lathe Part No. 3059 

  • Breaking Resistor for 2 and 3 HP Lathes Part No. 3046 

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