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Mastercut Turning Tools

After researching factors which contribute to the performance of turning tools, ONEWAY designed what we feel will be the best turning tools you will ever own. Three basic components should be considered when manufacturing or buying any tool; the steel, the surface finish of the flute and the geometry and position of the flute.

ONEWAY has considered all aspects to make what we feel are the ultimate gouges for today's informed turner.

Double-Ended Gouges

All our tools now come in a double-ended configuration also. This gives you 50% more usable tool, for 30% more cost. With the double ended tool, get the following advantages:

  • different grind on each end - 2 tools in one
  • same grind on each end - as many trips to the grinder

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The Steel

The steel used to make all tools in the MASTERCUT line is a CPM M4 HSS - a high-tech particle metal. Making our tools from CPM HSS is what truly sets them above the competition. This powder manufacturing process distributes the carbides uniformly throughout the steel. This process prevents the globular, irregular distribution of carbides and alloys as found in conventional HSS.

Advantages of having such uniformity in the steel:

  1. easier to sharpen
  2. performs more consistently
  3. maintains its edge longer (up to 3 times longer)

Note: The carbides in this steel are also very fine so there are more of them on the cutting edge of the tool at all times.

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Flute Surface Finish

The flute is finely finished resulting in a better cutting edge. The diameter of the tool is also well finished so the tool feels good in your hand and slides smoothly over the tool rest.

Tools are hardened to 63 RC and the flutes ground from the solid. This accomplishes two things:

  1. There is no decarburization during hardening so the edge gets as hard as it should. Result -- the edge will get sharper and stay sharper longer.
  2. It assures that the finish in the flute is very good. Result -- a smooth finish allows wood cutting to slide easily through the flute when turning.

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The Geometry and Position of the Flute

All flute designs are a compromise. The designers at ONEWAY strive to achieve the best middle ground between the following:

  • ability to remove material
  • agility in tight corners
  • fine finishing capabilities
  • ability to resist both vibration and twisting forces

Extensive correspondence with professional wood turners took place before finalizing the design of these tools.

3/8" Bowl Gouge

This flute was designed in conjunction with Canadian wood turner Jason Marlowe. It has a proportionately tight flute which is extremely useful for fine finishing.

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3/8" Bowl Gouge
Order Number

3/8" Double-Ended
Bowl Gouge
Order Number

" Bowl Gouge

This medium size deep fluted bowl gouge was designed after extensive testing and input from master turner John Jordan. It's purpose: fine finishing cuts inside and outside of bowls with some use on spindles.

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" Bowl Gouge
Order Number

" Double-Ended
Bowl Gouge
Order Number

5/8" Bowl Gouge

This gouge was designed with a big, wide open flute to allow maximum chip flow. The weight and strength needed to take heavy cuts, is also present in this flute design.

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5/8" Bowl Gouge
Order Number

5/8" Double-Ended
Bowl Gouge
Order Number

1/2" Spindle Gouge

Unlike conventional shallow gouges, the Mastercut " Spindle Gouge's flute is ground above the center of the tool. The result, a very stiff tool. This extra heft is desirable when taking heavy cuts or reaching a long way off the tool rest. This extra thickness also allows the tool to be ground with either the traditional fingernail or the modern side grind.

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" Spindle Gouge
Order Number

" Double-Ended
Spindle Gouge
Order Number

Shown is the flute geometry of the " Mastercut Spindle Gouge. The dark line depicts the flute of a conventional gouge, while the light line shows the flute of ONEWAY's Mastercut.

ONEWAY also offers a line of Tool Handles and accessories which complement our tools.

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Did you know....

British and North American nomenclature for tool sizes differs. When a British toll manufacturer says the size is 3/8" - the 3/8 refers to the distance across the flute. Whereas a North American 3/8" tool size refers to the outside of the tool!

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