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Tool Tips

To find the MPH of a router bit
( Diameter of the router bit in inches * PI (3.1415)
* router speed (RPM) * 60 ) / 63360

This will equal the router bit speed in miles per hour.
The formula also works with turning bowls.
Try it out!
Protecting your table surface
When using any stationary tools keep the table surface
protected with a light coat of wax.  This will reduce friction
between the table surface and the work piece.  Apply wax
also to the fence.  This will also inhibit corrosion.
Storing tools
If you plan on storing your tools for any length of time, put
a light coat of oil on the surface.  This can be removed later
with mineral spirits.
Working with two part epoxy
When you use two part epoxy, put equal amounts in a plastic
baggie, each to one side, then squeeze the two parts together,
keeping your fingers clean.  When you apply the epoxy, just cut
the baggie.
Using your fence for measurement
Stop blocks are a safe way to use your fence for measurement
on a table saw.  Just clamp a block of wood to the fence back
from the blade.  This allows you the measurement you require
without the chance of binding, by creating a safe gap between
the end of the stock and the fence.
Lubricating tight moving parts
When faced with tight moving parts like drawers that stick, try
a little bit of soap to make them slide easily.
To make a perfect circle jig
To make a perfect circle jig, take a two foot board and drill one
inch increments marking radius and on the opposite mark diameter
(this is double radius).  Then drill your marks to accept a pencil
and put a nail at the -0- mark.  Put the nail in the center of your
project.  Put the pencil through at the required diameter or radius
and move the pencil in a circular motion while holding the nail at
the center.
If you have any tips you would like to share, please contact us.

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