Spurs are made from premium carbon steel - they are made to last. The points are held in the body with a set screw so the length which the point protrudes from the body can be set by the turner.

ONEWAY spurs have four aggressive teeth which bite into wood blanks.

There are two types of Spurs:

  • Chuck Spur

  • Morse Taper Spur

Chuck Spurs

Oneway Spurs are available to mount directly into the Stronghold, ONEWAY, and Talon Chucks. Because of this direct mounting capability, it is unnecessary to remove the Chuck from your lathe to do spindle work.

Approximate Package Weight: lb

" Chuck Spur
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1" Chuck Spur
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Morse Taper Spurs

For direct mounting to your spindle, spurs are available with #1 or #2 Morse Taper.

Approximate Package Weight: lb

#1 MT Spur
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#2 MT Spur
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